About this Website

How did this website come about?

It has been many years since I first decided to put together this website to help people see what a treasure the County of Sussex is in the UK, and the vast array of material has only made my task more heavy.  It started with a love for History, Architecture, and an appreciation of beautiful things, people and places.  Being in Sussex since 1976, I have grown to love the County and enjoy it's richness of the things it has to offer.  These things I would like to share with you!

This website started out named as Ye Olde Sussex Pages, which being mainly about Sussex history I thought it appropriate.  Typing in such a long name however was taxing and more errors could be made, so when I made the effort to bring it into the modern age from HTML pages to PHP, I knew it was time to shorten the Domain name to something easier for people to type in - So YOSP was born ( YeOldSussexPages) and that is where we are at now.

With the first website which was first published in 1995, it was somewhat difficult to arrange the information in an easy to use manner and in a way that was enjoyable to use. Also, the amount of information used was going to be huge, so something had to be done to handle this.  After deciding on the new format for the website I had to transport all the existing information over to the new PHP layout which took some time considering there were so many pages at that time. And added to this was the fact I took on a new Business in 2003 - a health shop, which effectively took most of any spare time I had away from the Ye Olde sussex Pages website which at this stage pretty much stagnated.

It languished online for some time and although I kept it accessible to all, there was little time to build and update the website.  But time has given me more space to once more fit the website into my life, and as any of you who may have followed from the start will know, it has evolved into a new state with many enhanced features and many more to come.

I read and collect History books about Sussex and during the reading of these I come across many interesting stories that may be of interest to others concerning many different subjects.  It seems fitting therefore that I share these with my visitors to the website and hope they find some interesting reading therein.  Although the stories and content cover quite a range of subjects, I am not trying to accomplish any particular aim other than the wish to share the history of Sussex with you all.

This website does not profess to be an expert on any one area but to touch on any subjects that I find interesting and which you may find of interest too.  The Mission of this website therefore is to share the information as I find it and pass it onto my visitors via the pages on this website.  Please take the website for what it is and not for what you may be searching for - but if you find parts of it that are of importance to you then that is good.

This website will Always be evolving and using new technology as it comes online and I shall use it to show the wonderful information that is Sussex.  But at the core of the website will always be the desire to share the stories and places that are Sussex - I hope you enjoy the offerings I make here for your perusal and that you take away something of Sussex to share with others.

Bonne lecture......



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