About Me

Listening to the voice of the people, as I always do :)   I have posted this page with some information about myself as requested by my site visitors.

My Name is Paul Zwierzanski (Polish origin) and I live near Brighton, England. Born in 1955, which makes me ** years young.  Married to Loraine for many happy years now.  We have 2 cats, but no children of our own.

I like computing (been doing it for 20+ years), Art, DIY and lots of other stuff that I will not bore you with just now......

My Grandfather was Polish and my Grandmother was Russian. The family lived in a farmhouse near the town of Snyatyn , which was in Poland ( near Chernovsty, Ukraine) before it was annexed by Russia. My Grandmothers surname was Petrusza and they had seven children including my father, Mikolaj. My father left Poland, just after it was annexed, via Romania and the Black Sea. He eventually made his way to England and served in the Polish navy during World War II.

I joined the British Merchant Navy when I was 17 and spent 7 years travelling the world and have been to many countries and met many people.

The places I went to are too many to list but areas include Europe, Canada, North, Central & South America, Africa, Australia and the South Pacific. I travelled over 500,000 miles and have some great stories and anecdotes from around the world, along with some fond memories.

Some of the ships I sailed on include the Reina Del Mar , passenger ship, Canberra , passenger ship, Arcadia , passenger ship, Oriana , passenger ship,  Southampton Castle , cargo/passenger,  Methane Princess, Photinia, Manchester Concorde , all cargo, plus many others.

At present my wife and I run our Health Food shop in Portslade supplying mainly supplements and health foods, including dietry foods.  We also sell many other items and you can view these on our shop website at www.healthlinkuk.co.uk

If you decide to visit our shop you will find a warm welcome waiting for you.   Enjoy the website and enjoy Sussex.



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