Website Update - Sunday 13th December 2015

Hello to you all

You will be seeing many changes on this website for those of you who come often.  I have added many new features including sounds to some pages, Background alternating images to give a sense of interactiveness, new layouts and updated galleries to name a few.

I hope you like all of the changes and I shall continue to work on the website with any spare time I have available and will improve the browsing experience as best I can.  On the sounds I may add that you can turn these off if you wish by moving your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen where the controls bar with darken and you will see the controls so you may alter them if you want to. 

See the screenshot below where I have highlighted the control bar and the bottom of the screenshot.

spooky pages screenshot3

You may also view thumbnails of the backgrounds used by clicking on the small arrow icon at the far right of the control bar - this will then show the thumbnail views along the bottom.

More later......




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