Mobile Users Info

If you are using your Mobile Phone to view this website I have tried to make it as accessible as possible without losing any of the visual and audio properties.

The drop down menu as used on the website does not perform the same way on mobiles and maybe on ipads, etc, but the whole of the website is accessible by using the menu as it is on mobiles.

If you landed on the website by using the URL  then you are on the front page of the website and you will see all of the content on there as it is.  To access the rest of the website look for the following icon on the top bar of the page which looks like this  fa barjust along from the YOSP logo.  You will not see this icon on the website as there is no need for it there.

By using this icon you can access all of this website without losing much in the way of content.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the 'MENU LINKS' for that page.

So happy browsing and if you come across any breaks on the website then let me know so I can fix them.