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Back in the saddle again after another absence. It it hard to keep up with posting new content when running a business that takes up most of your time.

Nonetheless, I shall always try to post as I am able to and when I have the inclination to do so.

It does take a lot of background work as I have to update the main website files and programs to keep it all working smoothly.  On top of that there is the research to do and the consideration of the layout to think about.  Thats why it can take a lot of effort to get things up.

Still, I hope you enjoy the layout and presentation and I shall build on what is already here.


Website Update - Sunday 13th December 2015

Hello to you all

You will be seeing many changes on this website for those of you who come often.  I have added many new features including sounds to some pages, Background alternating images to give a sense of interactiveness, new layouts and updated galleries to name a few.

I hope you like all of the changes and I shall continue to work on the website with any spare time I have available and will improve the browsing experience as best I can.  On the sounds I may add that you can turn these off if you wish by moving your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen where the controls bar with darken and you will see the controls so you may alter them if you want to. 

See the screenshot below where I have highlighted the control bar and the bottom of the screenshot.

spooky pages screenshot3

You may also view thumbnails of the backgrounds used by clicking on the small arrow icon at the far right of the control bar - this will then show the thumbnail views along the bottom.

More later......


YOSP Update 26.11.2015

Quite a lot being done at the moment both on the website template and the display aspects of the site.

Check out the Spooky Pages if you have not done so already I feel this is coming on well and I shall continue to change the site until I get it working as well as it can and supply a great user experience to boot.

Any time music is playing you can stop it or otherwise by using the controls at the bottom of the screen - just hover of it and the controls will appear.

Once I get the core of the website running smoothly, I shall start on adding more content.


Website Core now working well


After much thought being put into the website and its layout for the next few years, I feel it is looking about right.

Apart from a few other tweaks it should keep it's present look and navigation layouts and I hope you all can use the new style OK.

Content will be the order of the day from now and you should see lots of new articles and sections coming into play as and when they are completed to publish on the website.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know via the contact me link on the top navigation bar - I cannot promise that I will implement your suggestions, but I will take them on board for future possiblities regarding this website.


The ALL NEW YOSP Website

Finally!  I have ported over the website and it seems to be working well.

You may find the odd link or page that does not work as it should.  I have tried to go over everything but you always miss one or two :)

If you do find something does not quite work right, please let me know and I shall fix it ASAP.

Enjoy the new layout and I shall now be working on new content to post on the site.

Thanks for your patience whilst this was going on.


Another Update Mid October 2015

I have nearly finished with the transfer of the content to the new website and I shall soon move the site to the position.

Thanks for bearing with me and watch out for further updates.


October 2015 Update

New lease of life!

I have started work in earnest on the new website and all is going well.  Once I have ported over the old site to the new one I can then begin work on the new content.

I do have a learning curve to handle the new software and get used to it so it will take a little whilem so bear with me.

More Soon

Where have I been?

OK, OK....  I know I have been missing for some time now and to tell the truth, I have been so caught up with life's trials and tribulations it has been too hard to actually get around to updating the website.

I have now updated the website to new versions of core programs and will now attempt to start adding more content - YES, it's true.........

Many thanks to all you lovely people out there who have put up with my absence and I shall try to make it up to you all with content to thrill and amaze.



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